Apple Pay, Google Wallet and the rise of online payment innovations

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Digital payments are not new. PayPal came to life in 1998 as a money transferring platform. By the year 2000, people were using it to make payments on eBay. Early in 2002, PayPal went public and by August of that year, eBay announced it was acquiring the payment platform in a deal valued at $1.5 billion. At the time, experts called PayPal the “gorilla” of the online payment market,

SetIt Credit and Citadel Federal Credit Union Join Forces to Improve Cardholder Experience

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citadel-federal-credit-union-joins-forces-with-setit-creditTo help Exton, PA-based Citadel Federal Credit Union cement “top of app” status, Setit Credit partnered with MasterCard to further streamline card functionality within digital payments. The goal is to make the process more consumer friendly and create new top of app opportunities for card issuers with leading-edge solutions that are safe, simple, and smart.

The Sticky Card: Credit Unions Can Influence Which Cards Members Choose to Make Purchases

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Most consumers have at least three credit cards from various sources. In addition, many people also carry one or two debits cards and a mix of gift and loyalty cards. A recent Gallup poll showed most Americans foresee the death of cash in their lifetimes, meaning all purchases will be made with credit and debit cards, as well as other forms of electronic payment. For the big issuers, this is rosy news, but for smaller institutions like credit unions, it can be stormy.