Great CU Client Service Takes More Than a Smile

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Great client service is at the heart of every good business relationship, and credit unions depend as much as other companies on keeping their members satisfied.

It takes something more than a smile, however, to enable credit union members to come away with a positive experience. Here are some ways cu member services can offer substantive technological know-how, in a manner that’s both courteous and responsive:

The Importance of Keeping Up with Technology for CUs

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Channel optimization. Data management. Compliance and regulation. Cybersecurity. Aggregation services. For credit unions (CUs), keeping up with technology in all areas of business can be a significant challenge. Your CU stands to lose with a ‘Johnny-come-lately’ approach to innovation

Offering Digital-Friendly Rewards to CU Card Holders

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More and more purchasing and other financial transactions are moving online, and whether that means working via mobile app or using a desktop computer, it’s a whole new world when it comes to credit cards. For Credit Unions (CUs) to keep pace with the bigger financial players, offering incentives is crucial


Creating Digital Ambassadors: Why CU Employees Need to Be Digital Wallet Experts

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First impressions count, no matter how much you want to believe otherwise. This is true regardless whether you’re talking about huge corporate endeavors or community-level organizations. When your credit union (CU) customers want help accessing your products and services, the frontline staff need to be well-versed ambassadors for your brand